Our Gyvlon-based screed is self-levelling compound, and will meet the surface regulation classification 2 for normal standard accuracy floors. SR2 surfaces will have a maximum deviation in flatness of 5mm. For further levelling we offer a range of levelling compound solutions.

There are a variety of formulations of self levelling compound, and at Flow Screed Services we will ensure to supply and install the optimal type.

Latex Screed

A latex compound will produce a protein-free finish that will harbour no bacteria. This is ideal for applications in medical or food preparation environments. Latex screed finishes also provide excellent grip, perfect for use in warehouses where rubber-wheeled trolleys or high levels of foot traffic are expected.


Acrylic finishes are excellent for heavy duty applications. They are extremely high durability and as such are perfect for areas with high levels of foot traffic or other wear on the floor surface. However acrylic self levelling compounds are thick and do not flow as smoothly as other formulations of self levelling compound. They need to be handled professionally to ensure a smooth and level finish, which is why you should always trust Flow Screed Services to provide the level of expertise your project deserves.

Water-based Self-levelling Compound

Water-based self levelling compounds are also an excellent choice for a high durability surface finish. They are hard wearing, making them perfect for industrial uses or other areas of high traffic. They also flow more smoothly than acrylic or latex based self levelling compounds, meaning their application is quicker which helps to reduce labour costs. Water-based self levelling compounds do not react well with a higher moisture content in the sublayer, meaning it is important to administer a moisture test and ensure the sublayer is fully dried before application.

Water-based fibre-bonded

A fibre-bonded water-based self levelling compound combines all the benefits of traditional water-based finishes, with the ability to finish surfaces which flex. A fibre-bonded approach will allow you to self level surfaces such as floor boards or wooden surfaces, something that is impossible with other self levelling finishes.

Once a self-levelling has been applied, we can finish the surface ready for the application of all types of floor covering or surface finish.

Alternatively, check out our self-levelling concrete solution which is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings.

Whatever the needs and budget of your project, you can rest assured that Flow Screed Services will help you find and install the solution that is right for you.
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