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Why Choose Fast-Drying Screed?

In the realm of construction, time directly translates to money. Staying within budget and reaping profits demands careful management of time-consuming tasks. Historically, applying screed has proven a time-intensive endeavor, stalling construction until surfaces are load-bearing.

Thanks to Flow Screed Services’ cutting-edge fast-drying screed formulas, we revolutionize drying times, significantly curbing labor expenses.


Advantages of Fast-Drying Screed:

What is Fast-Drying Screed?

Fast-drying screed is a versatile compound crafted from a blend of silica sand, concrete, proprietary elements, and water. This mix is conveniently transported to your site and expertly applied to even out irregular surfaces. Once laid and smoothed, the screed can remain in its natural state or serve as a solid base for installing various flooring options like tiles, carpets, or linoleum. The choice of screed type and formulation is tailored to match project requirements and budget considerations.

Why Choose Flow Screed Services for Your Screeding Needs?

We cover commercial & domestic properties & business

Flow Screed Services offers tailored solutions for a wide range of clients, including commercial and domestic properties as well as businesses. We provide expert consultations and efficient installations, ensuring durability and a smooth finish for commercial spaces. In domestic settings, our focus is on thermal efficiency, aesthetics, and quick installation, while for businesses, we offer customised solutions with high load tolerance, seamless flooring, and minimal downtime, catering to the unique needs of each segment.

Areas we cover

Flow Screed Services operates within a 30 miles radius of Heathrow and cover the following postcodes: RG, SL, HP, UB, HA, WD, EN, NW, N, E, RM, IG, AL. We deliver specialised solutions for commercial, domestic, and business properties.
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Flow Screed's end-to-end Screed Supply & Laying Service


Ready-mix truck fleet

With our own fleet of ready-mix trucks, we provide a quick supply and installation service.


Many types of screed

We lay over many types of screed & concrete for commercial and domestic customers throughout the south.


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the best customer service, quality screed and industry approved screeders.

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