Over 30 years in-depth knowledge of the flooring industry.

We supply and install over 20 types of screed, latex and concrete

Approved Screeding Contractors:

We have our own ready-mix trucks and team to ensure we offer the best possible service.
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Dedicated, reliable and professional team

Our company has been providing liquid screed and related services for a number of years. Our expertise means you can be sure your project will be completed on time and to budget.

Liquid screed services
  • Speed of application 1000m sq.+/a day.
  • Pump placement 100m vertical 150m along the floor, no risk of barrow damage to door frames, or underfloor heating pipes etc.
  • Virtually no drying shrinkage therefore differential shrinkage leading to lifting and curling is absent.
  • Significant reductions in thickness in most cases 35mm of flow screed will replace 75mm of conventional material.
Self-levelling concrete
  • No need for reinforcement
  • Self-compacting.
  • Self-levelling
  • Installation 75mm minimum
Self Levelling Compounds
  • 3-50mm in depth
  • Ideal for renovations
  • In most cases ready for foot traffic in 3 hours
  • In most cases ready for floor coverings in 3 days
Underfloor heating screed, Flow Screed Services
  • Elimination of voids resulting in uniform heat transfer and maximised thermal efficiency of the under floor heating system.
  • Reduced drying time with underfloor heating.
  • underfloorheting screed is 80% better heat transfer than traditional sand and cement screed
Quick drying screed (Floor screed)
  • 14/21 days drying time
  • Ready for foot traffic in 24/48 hours
  • No need for controlled crack joints under 250m2

Welcome to Flow Screed Services Surrey

Welcome to Flow Screed Services Surrey Ltd, specialists in liquid screed installation services for domestic and commercial customers throughout London and the South East of England.

A mixture of Gyvlon Binder, selected aggregates and clean water, our ‘pumpable’ liquid screed is suitable for all types of flooring applications, including both warm water and electric under floor heating systems. Ideal for sub-floor levelling in both commercial and domestic buildings, our liquid floor screed provides a smooth, flat surface for the application of all types of floor coverings.

Why Choose Our Liquid Screed Services?

With many advantages over traditional floor screeding practices, our liquid screeds are proving increasingly popular in both the commercial and residential sectors. Utilising an efficient delivery system, our liquid floor screed can cover over 1000 square meters each day, whilst avoiding substantial labour costs and added implications, such as barrow damage to door frames and under floor heating pipes.

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Gypsol Screed is available in a number of different formats designed to suit almost every application and every project from small extensions to huge commercial projects.
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