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Why Underfloor Heating Screed?

Utilizing underfloor heating screed offers a host of advantages. These encompass the assurance of consistent room temperatures, delivering elevated comfort levels throughout living spaces. Beyond comfort, this system enhances safety by eliminating exposed hot surfaces, rendering it safe for all occupants.

An additional perk lies in its space-saving attribute – the absence of radiators grants more room for design innovation. Moreover, underfloor heating seamlessly aligns with diverse energy sources, particularly renewables and low-temperature systems like air and ground source heat pumps, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions.


Advantages of Underfloor Heating Screed:

What is Underfloor Heating Screed?

Underfloor heating screed refers to a specialised type of screed that is designed to work in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. This screed is formulated to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of heating elements installed beneath the floor’s surface. It provides a smooth and level foundation while also allowing for efficient heat distribution.

Underfloor heating screed is typically a mixture of cement, aggregates, and additives that enhance its thermal conductivity. This type of screed is often applied over the heating pipes or cables of an underfloor heating system, ensuring optimal contact and heat transfer. The screed acts as a thermal mass, absorbing and radiating heat evenly across the floor’s surface, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient heating solution.

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Flow Screed Services offers tailored solutions for a wide range of clients, including commercial and domestic properties as well as businesses. We provide expert consultations and efficient installations, ensuring durability and a smooth finish for commercial spaces. In domestic settings, our focus is on thermal efficiency, aesthetics, and quick installation, while for businesses, we offer customised solutions with high load tolerance, seamless flooring, and minimal downtime, catering to the unique needs of each segment.

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Flow Screed Services operates within a 30 miles radius of Heathrow and cover the following postcodes: RG, SL, HP, UB, HA, WD, EN, NW, N, E, RM, IG, AL. We deliver specialised solutions for commercial, domestic, and business properties.
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