Longfloor Screed Information & Datasheets

Since self-compacting screeds were introduced some twenty years ago, they’ve all been bound by the same problem: these screeds need a spray-applied curing agent. The curing agent is crucial because it stops the screed drying too quickly. The problem with drying out too rapidly is that the screed can shrink, resulting in plastic shrinkage cracking.

Not only do you need a curing agent but the right curing agent, dependent on the product you’re using and its application. Additionally, your equipment needs to be of the right standard and application must be at the right dosage.

Longfloor’s IntegraCure completely removes this process from the installation of the screed. Bascially, Longfloor IntegraCure is a fast track cementitious screed with no laitance  and no need for curing agent. See the video and datasheet…

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