A variety of different issues can arise when screed is improperly installed or the incorrect formulation of screed is used. While our expert team ensure that a Flow Screed Systems installation will never suffer from any of these problems, we are always happy to help if you need screed repairs in Surrey. We can also repair screed in London, or the South-East of England.

Issues with screed can vary, and include:

  • Fractures
  • Unsatisfactory flatness or smoothness
  • Cracks
  • Surface dust or laitance
  • Brittle or crumbly or powdery screed
  • Bleeding

We offer a comprehensive screed repair service, and can help eliminate any and all of these issues.

If you have problems with the flatness or smoothness of your screed layer, we can supply and install a self levelling compound if the maximum deviation is less than 5mm. If not we will make sure to offer the solution that is right for you, whether that is localised grinding or cutting out and relaying the screed to proper specifications.

Crumbly, powdery or brittle screed is dangerous, and needs to be addressed properly by an expert. Flow Screed Services are the perfect company to deal with the issues caused by incorrectly laid, weak screed layers. Usually the best course of action is to remove the entire compromised screed layer before a correct and safe installation by our team. If we assess that as an inadequate solution based on your needs and budget, we can offer alternative solutions such as impregnating the screed with a ultra low-viscosity resin or applying a fibre strengthened top layer to improve and support the strength of the screed.

For problems with damp, the issue usually stems from an inadequate drying time. After administering a moisture test, we can remove all floor coverings and initiate a drying procedure using correct ventilation and the BS8203 recommended drying time of one day per 1mm of thickness up to 40mm, and increasing by an additional day per extra 0.5mm of thickness on top of that. In the event that we discover the issue stems from the incorrect installation of the damp proof membrane then we are able to remove the substandard screed and install a fresh layer over adequate damp-proofing.

For issues with surface dust, particles and laitance, see our page on laitance removal for a full list of the services we can provide.

There are a number of reasons why screed can fracture or crack. Generally speaking, removal of the affected section of screed is not recommended as it can spread cracking and fracturing throughout the entire screed layer. Flow Screed Services can propose the best course of action; often the injection of a special low-viscosity resin into the affected areas is sufficient to repair the cracks or fractures and lower the possibility of them spreading. Always seek the expert advice of Flow Screed Services when it comes to screed repair, as it can be very easy to exacerbate the problems with incorrect solutions.

Flow Screed Services,(Logo), screed repairFlow Screed Services are experts in all aspects of screed repair, and can offer the solution to your problems in Surrey, London or South-East England. If it’s screed repair in South-East London, low strength screed in London or screed smoothing in Surrey, Flow Screed Services have the solution for all your screed needs.