What is Liquid Floor Screed?

A mixture of Gyvlon binder, selected aggregates and clean water, our pumpable liquid screed is suitable for all types of flooring applications including both warm water and underfloor heating systems. Ideal for sub-floor levelling in both commercial and domestic buildings, our liquid floor screed provides a smooth, flat surface for the application of all types of floor coverings or finishes.

Why choose Flow Screed Services?

With many advantages over traditional floor screeding practices, our liquid screeds are proving increasingly popular in both the commercial and residential sectors. Utilising an efficient delivery system, our liquid floor screed can cover over 1000 square meters each day, whilst avoiding substantial labour costs and the added implications, such as barrow damage to door frames and under floor heating pipes.

Our screed formulation is protein-free, meaning harmful bacteria can’t gain a foothold in the surface. This is ideal for a range of different applications but is most important in medical or food preparation settings or in schools, nursing homes or anywhere else particularly vulnerable to bacterial infection.

Our screed composition is specially designed to minimise cracking or fracturing and for the lowest possible amount of shrinkage. This means a single speedy application is all that is needed, and touching up, finishing and detailing are kept to a minimum. Our liquid floor screed also requires no reinforcement of the underlying insulation layer. These factors helps you to keep your costs down and your project within budget.

Gyvlon-based liquid floor screed can be walked on within 24 to 28 hours and is suitable for light loads within that time period, meaning that construction can continue much more rapidly than with other types or applications of screed or surface finish.

We recommend allowing for the BS8203, a drying time of one day per 1mm up too 40mm, plus an additional day for each 0.5mm of thickness on top of the 40mm. This will enable the screed surface to cure completely and be prepared for the installation of a bonded floor covering or other finish. In commercial settings, a minimum thickness of 40mm of screed is recommended. For domestic applications a minimum thickness of no less than 35mm should be applied. The surface finish of Gyvlon bonded liquid screed is self-levelling, and will meet the surface regulation classification 2 for normal standard accuracy floors. For further levelling we offer a range of levelling compound solutions. More information can be found on our self-levelling screed page.

Liquid floor screed is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. Flow Screed Services are experts in all aspects of underfloor heating design, supply and installation. For more details on this and the application of screed for underfloor heating, please visit our underfloor heating screed page.

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