Car Showroom Screed Floor

The Scenario

Our client, Hexagon Classics in London, was looking for a screed that would cover an uneven concrete slab. The screed depths would vary between 15mm to 60mm and the existing concrete slab had no

The screed pumping distance was over 60 metres from roadside.

The Solution

Slab-vacuumed and liquid DPM applied

Gypsol TS15 low level screed pumped 60 metres from roadside using our Utiform V3 screed pump.

Gypsol TS15 is an anhydrite screed specially formulated to offer a strong and durable ultra-thin topping to a solid interior substrate, such as in-situ concrete, beam and block or precast concrete plank. It is designed to meet class A for impact resistance and due to its ultra-thin depth it can be dried quickly, allowing rapid return to service and application of finished floor coverings.

Levelling tripods set up to a lasered datum by Flow Screed Services and agreed with the building contractor.

Gypsol TS15 being pump from roadside.

Levelling tripods removed ready for dappling.

Dappled to a finish by Flow Screed Services, Surrey.

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